Project Name: The Wabi Sabi Book
Work: Book Making
Date: November 2019

Details: I always wondered why I was interested in imperfection. I often asked the question, what makes the “ugly” beautiful? The very well known Japanese philosophy, Wabi sabi philosophy, explains exactly that. The teachings talk about how humans are flawed by nature and nature itself is flawed and therefore we should embrace that. The natural world has uneven surfaces, asymmetrical facese, and rough textures. There is beauty in the “ugliness” as long as we embrace it. With those ideas I have designed a book that talks about three major teaching of Wabi sabi philosophy, minimalism, nature, and asymmetry. Processing plays a major role in this book. Thinking about the materiality of this book, I constructed the book out of wood and textured paper. And brought it
all together with Japanese stitch binding.

Even in the natural world, less is more.

Thesis Project: 2019

Final Iteration + Paper Iteration