Project Name: The Human Project
Work: Motion graphics 
Date: April 2020

Details: There is a very real fear about machines or robots taking over in the future, but little do people know, that is happening right now. So much is automated and such much time is spent behind the screen. We invest a lot into making and designing machines in the likeliness of ourselves, the human. We often forget or even ask ourselves, what does it mean to be human? As a designer I believe that this is a very important question to ask today where so much information and conversation happens through technology. I ask this question because I see myself in it. I see myself slowly being disconnected from the real world and desiring more human interaction.I want to spread awareness of what I believe is most important to us, human interaction, art and design. I am presenting these ideas through an animated video that would live in social media space, since that is where we spend most of our time online. In doing so my hopes are that people will see technology and machine as merely a tool rather a substitute of ourselves.

At the end of the day, it is not the machine that pushes humanity forward, it is the human touch that creates progress

Thesis Project: 2020

Wabi sabi philosophy teaches us to find beauty and embrace human imperfections. As we pass those ideals onto techonologies, I believe we find imperfections by technology beauty becasue we see ourselves in it.